Reflections on birthdays, friends and love

IMG_1038Many thanks to my family, new friends, old friends and friends from overseas. I feel so grateful for all your texts, phonecalls, songs, greetings and presents on my birthday. I had a wonderful weekend and reunion with my friends from Bali and my birthday was lovely, thanks to you all. I like birthdays. Some people do not like to get older but I do not mind. Age is just a number. Through the years we become wiser, stronger and more secure in ourselves so we dare to be who we really are. And when we feel true joy and happiness from inside we also look younger 🙂 It also helps to have a child at heart, so whatever you do, do not drop it! Many of the people I met when I traveled around this spring guessed that I was around 29 years. And I promise you, I have a great young at heart 😉

Life is a party and just like my mother, I love surprises and celebrating. The best surprise I ever had was when my friend and former colleague arranged a surprise party when I turned 35. Although she recently moved to her new house, she ruled the whole thing. She decorated throughout the patio with balloons, crafts and pictures of me. Prepared for games, drinks, gifts and cake. I was completely overwhelmed and touched. It is a day I will never forget. Thanks again Pernilla Jakobsson.

To be surprised by all means but to surprise anyone is even more fun. And right now I am preparing a little surprise party for my beloved father tomorrow. He turns 70 soon and his birthday we will celebrate in Italy next week. We fly from Landvetter on Thursday so he will arrive in Gothenburg tomorrow. He is aware that we are having dinner with one of my aunts and her husband, but not that I have invited the rest of the family, so shhh, do not say anything!

IMG_3645Yes, this time it was a post in English. It felt natural after talking English the whole weekend with my Dutch friend Weekhas. He went home today and I have felt very emotional all day. I slept poorly, dreamt awful and woke up with sore throat. The weather has been shit aI am premenstrual. It was yet another farewell in tears. But I know we will meet soon again and that we are friends for life.

IMG_5157Although this day has been crap, it has also felt good to cry, just be and reflect on life. Time to just sit still, stop and feel is also important. So I am glad I took this time to write, it has helped and I think I will sleep better tonight.

Thank you once again all the wonderful people in my life, you make me feel so loved.


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